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Sunday, February 05, 2006
The journey continues
Today’s marathon did not go according to plan.

The biggest piece of advice I can give regarding endurance events is to allow more time than expected—for the arrival to the event. Even the best laid plans can fall through with closed lots and traffic jams.

As a result, we arrived late to the starting line, almost an hour late. The timing mats were reset for the 5k and we were given the option of running the course—unofficially.

Suddenly, the race seemed pointless.

Keep in mind that we were not racing. This marathon was about setting course records or winning, but rather finishing. And while we were given the option of running the course, the unofficial status did not please me.

A friend of one once mentioned that he saw no point in paying for an event. If he wanted to do a 50-mile ride, he would do one and time it. Why pay for an event if you could just do it yourself?
And we could have run the 26.2 mile course, taken advantage of the fluids and support crew, and finished the course. But it would have been our clocks, not theirs.

For me, the thrill and drive of the marathon faded instantly.

So I offered up a compromise. Amy’s true desire was to do the L.A. Marathon. The only reason she showed up to Huntington Beach with me was because I was not able to do Los Angeles. The L.A. Marathon falls on March 19th, right during week three of my Ironman taper. Running 26.2 miles 3 weeks before an Ironman is not advisable.

The compromise was simple. We would do an unofficial half-marathon, and I would help Amy do Los Angeles. She felt that it was a good idea and we were off.

By the second mile, it was clear that our hearts were not into this event. The miles were passing us far too slowly. I tried to find some sense of motivation, but I had none to pull from

In the end, I treated the run as a training run. It gave me a chance to reconsidering my hydration strategy and my pacing. It also helped me realize that there are several running elements I need to work on between now and the Ironman.

At the end of the day, I accepted the fact that my first marathon will be at the Ironman. But I am comfortable with that fact. I will continue to train and work on speed and hills. I will strengthen my legs and my body for the marathon at the end of the Ironman.

Like I said the other said, today’s run is merely part of the journey to the Ironman.

I'm still kind of bummed. But as long as I think about LA and people cheering me on, I feel more optimistic. I was so beat up yesterday, and got such a headache afterwards. But today I feel good, and am keeping my sights set on LA. Funny thing is, a year ago, I didn't think I could even do a half marathon. Now I've done 2, a 20 K, and a 20 mile run. And just remember this: You got me there Coach! And I have full confidence that you will get me to LA!
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