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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Of mud and water
This weekend's weather did not make for friendly road riding. It rained throughout the night. The roads were wet. The weather was cold.

So Felix and I did what any (in)sane person would do when faced with having to get a long workout in bad weather.

We went mountain biking.

We started out at Sycamore Canyon, one of my favorite mountain rides. The terrain, the landscape, and the trails all lead to wonderful mountain biking. Plus, I have fond memories of doing the ride in the rain.

The ride did not disappoint. Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped in the quantity of the workout instead of the quality. I really wanted to get 90 miles out on the road yesterday. Instead, we only covered 20 miles in 4 hours. Still, it was a hard 4 hours requiring us to grind uphills, fight muddy trails, push bikes uphill that were so caked in mud that our wheels did not move.

In the end, it was a very tough 4 hours.

But more importantly, I had fun.

Part of the challenge of training for an Ironman is keeping each workout fresh and exciting. After 9 weeks of the same routine, workouts can become dry and uninspiring. You can only swim in the same pool and count the same laps so many times. You can only ride up and down the same path so many times as well. And I won't even begin to talk about running around in a track.

So I mixed up my run today as well. With Amy and Stuart out of town, I had a chance to do a solo run today. I picked a new path and headed out for a 10-mile adventure. 3.75 hours later, I finished a hard and fun workout.

And to think that last year I spent a weekend indoors on a training and a treadmill so that I could get in a workout when it rained.

When in doubt, add some spice to your workout.

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