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Monday, April 03, 2006
This is the point where I'm supposed to be feeling doubt.

But I'm not.

Am I confident?


I think the better word is peace. I am at peace with what is coming up. I'm a little anxious and excited, but I am not scared. I believe I can make it, but I will not think any less of myself if I do not make it.

I have put in countless hours and countless miles. I look at my bicycles and see that each one has nearly reached 1000 miles, when at the beginning of the year some had barely touched 500. My running shoes show wear and some of my socks have holes in them. My water bottles are stained and I had to throw out a few because the smell wouldn't go away. Chlorine has eaten through two of my swimsuits.

And here I am, six days before the race.


Sleep does not come as easily as it did weeks ago.

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