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Sunday, March 26, 2006
2 weeks and counting
Three very distinct images flashed through my mind today.

The first one was of me swimming. I saw myself swimming in Tempe Town Lake. I was fluid. I was comfortable. I was having fun.

Then I saw myself coming off the bike and entering the transition area. I was waving at the crowd and smiling.

The final image was me crossing the finish line. My arms were up in the air. And I was still smiling.

Positive thoughts lead to positive images. Positive images lead to positive results.

I am crossing the line.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
3 weeks
And so I enter the last three weeks of my taper. I don't remember being this calm last year three weeks ago. I remember being busy. I remember getting sick.

Slowing down is hard. Even now, I feel that my body is still slightly tired. Of course, travelling to Houston and back in three days has not helped. But sleeping always helps a lot.

The weather is still cold, and I am finding myself growing less inspired to get out and swim, bike, or run. But it looks like things will start to change as the week progresses. That is a good thing.

Also, after doing the LA Bike Tour on Sunday morning, I have decided that next year I will run the LA Marathon. I already have an entrance to the Huntington Beach Marathon, but I will do the half-marathon instead in February, as a training run for the LA Marathon. The crowds are fantastic and the city really puts a lot of energy into the event. It looks like a blast.

I am putting the finishing touches on this site, finally. I am also going to build a special section for Ironman Arizona. Hopefully, by the weekend.

For the moment, my bed seems like a better place to be than this chair.


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