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Saturday, June 02, 2007
The joy of speed
Today was a brick day - bike hard and then run hard.

I set a personal best on the northern portion of the San Gabriel River bike path today - 36 miles in 2 hours. Somehow I managed an 18mph average on the ride. I worked hard and held strong. The last 10 miles were straight into a headwind but I persevered.

A year ago I averaged 14mph on the same ride on the same bike.

The ride was followed by a relaxed 5-mile run at a 12-minute mile pace. It wasn't terribly fast, but the key was to keep the legs moving and see how much was left over after my ride. I was surprised by how strong I felt.

Time is an incredible force if you let it work in your favor.

Tomorrow will probably be a slower paced recovery ride.

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