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Monday, January 22, 2007
2007 Season!
It has been a long time since Arizona, or at least it feels like it. I took some time off from training and did a few fun events, but to be honest, I never did get back into a serious regiment. I finished the year with the Las Vegas Triathlon and experienced less than spectacular results.

This year has started out strong, however. My first major event will be Ironman Baja in June. There will be a few tri events before that, but this will be the big race. I will probably close the year with the Silverman Half-Ironman in November.

This is all leading up to my return to Arizona in 2008. I decided to have all of 2007 as a building year. There will be a half-marathon and a full marathon this year as well as a bike century or two. The idea is to build mileage in all three disciplines throughout the year. I will rest during December of 2007 and then begin January with a 13-week plan for the Ironman.

My training plan will go online in the next few days so feel free to check up on it and even try it out yourself.

Here's to a glorious year!

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