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Friday, November 21, 2008
1 day, 10 hours
I am maintaining a much lower profile this year than previous years. And I am not sure why. I didn't make my way to the registration until after noon. It was a very smooth process and no lines, which was fantastic.

The town of Tempe feels so familiar, and it has been a year since I've been here. The weather has been mild with slight winds. It has been warm but not hot, definitely different weather than April or July.

After registration , we headed out for a late lunch and an early nap. Then it was off to the race dinner and race meeting. I am sad to report that the race dinner has not gotten any better. It was a buffet of salad, pasta, rice, and a chicken breast. None of it was very appetizing or nourishing. I know it is included in the race cost but I wish they could make more of an effort, especially since it costs $25 for the guest tickets.

Tomorrow morning I will start packing my race bags and transporting my bike to the check-in.

I have a feeling that the anxiousness will really start to kick in tomorrow.

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