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Saturday, November 15, 2008
Moving forward
And so it is one week until the big day. It is always a surprise when this time arrives. When it all started, it was so far away ago. I registered in December 2007. November seemed so far away then. After Vineman 70.3, the race was 20 weeks away. Now it is down to one.

There are still moments when I second-guess myself. I look back at my training schedule and training log and see if I had forgotten anything. I try to determine if there were places where I could have added the extra miles. Maybe I should have tried to squeeze in a 20-mile run even though all training manuals I researched said that if I had been running for over 9 months continuously and doing long distance, adding a second 20-mile run late in the year was not a good idea.

I wonder if my bike will be fast enough. Will I be able to keep the 15mph average I want. Or will it be like Vineman where somehow I managed 16.1 mph on the hilliest race I have ever done. I just don’t know.

And it turns out that everyone doing an Ironman wonders the same things. Even the pros. All of just want to finish. If we happen to be in first place, that is wonderful, but there are so many factors it is hard to tell. This year’s Hawaiian Ironman had unexpected twists. The top three men who all could have won, fell back in the last 6 miles. The woman who was down 14 minutes after a flat came back and won the race by 12 minutes. Last year’s men’s winner dropped out of the race after he was told it would take 10 minutes to fix his broken cable. Why didn’t he just go for it?

I don’t plan on stopping. No matter what mechanical failure I might have, I will find a way to keep on going. As long as I can stand and move forward I will keep on going. It has been a long road leading up to this event. I have sacrificed much, and so I will not stop.

I may run out of time, but I will not stop.

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