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Saturday, October 11, 2008
The big race
Today was the 30th Hawaiin Ironman. It's hard to believe that this race has been around for that long and that it continues to get more and more popular each year. North American Sports, the company that produces Ironman events recently announced a new procedure for on-site registration. It used to be that you would wait for registration to begin online and just sign up. Now, registration opens up the day after the race at noon. And those who just completed the race have first pick at registering. Then they open up the registration for everyone else on site. A couple of hours later, they open the registration online.

This system basically means that it will be very difficult to get online registration. Ironman Canada, an extremely popular race, only offers on site registration. A typical race has 2000 slots. Those registered for this year's race get first pick and then everyone else there. This measn that there are people who actually go to Penticon, Canada simply to register for the race. That is amazing to me.

I do not plan on doing another Ironman for a few years after November. It is an extremely time-consuming sport and an expensive one as well. I enjoy the challenge, but there are other things I want to do with my time and my life as well. However, these new procedures mean that the next time I plan on doing one, I will hopping in the car or on a plane to a race destination simply to register.

At the same time, North American Sports continue to offer more races. Also, races outside of the country do not fill up as fast. So maybe I would race in Australia, or New Zealand, or even South Africa. There are options.

But for the meantime, Ironman is 42 days away. My longest bike ride takes place next week with a whopping 90 miles. From there I do two more long rides of 75 and then 60. After that, the taper begins.

I have done my homework and my training. The rest is really up to me.

And someday, I will make my way to Hawaii.

Just to say I did it.


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